Meet Patricia “Trish” Roberts, one of our Customer Service representatives at our GWS-NC facility. Since 2012, Trish has been working at the Arden, North Carolina location entering orders along with billing, shipping, receiving, and helping to train new hires. Self-described as having a crazy personality and loving to have fun, it’s no wonder both her coworkers and customers alike find her so endearing.

Service With A Smile

In the nine years at GWS Tool Group, Trish wasn’t always a part of our outstanding customer service team at GWS-NC. Although she had worked in customer service positions prior to joining GWS, she was hired as an operator when she first started with us in 2012. A friend of hers was already working at GWS-NC and eventually convinced Trish to join the team there. She originally worked as an operator on products such as single crystal diamond (SCD) tools. This led her to move into working on the laser etching of our tools, and eventual packaging, billing and ending up at customer service where she shines today!. With Trish’s smile and positive attitude, she was a great fit for customer service.

Her Second Family Is At Work

Trish is quick to mention that she absolutely loves her job, helping everyone whenever she can. She thoroughly enjoys giving her customers the best service with a smile and a laugh. She says that she has always felt cared for at GWS, a true member of the GWS Tool Group family. The management team there is always pushing the facility to improve and to have available training for anyone who wishes to continue learning. Some of her favorite memories so far include helping place orders for her customers, especially those who need their tools in just one day. She is quick to pitch in whether it be with packaging or whatever needs to be done to get the part to her customer when they need it. She’s proud to have gone from the plant floor as an operator to her current position as a customer service representative. She mentions that the company culture at GWS is what keeps her engaged at work, and focused at being her best each and every day.

Treasure Hunter And Master Baker

As a self-described “old soul”, Trish loves to go hunting for antiques in flea markets to try and find her next great treasure. She loves spending time with her fifteen year old son Landon, an up and coming gamer who uploads his latest wins on YouTube. They both enjoy traveling to nearby Johnson City, TN and stopping along the Blue Ridge Mountain parkway to enjoy the stunning sprawling views. Their favorite destination is in Pigeon Forge, TN, where both Trish and her son love to visit Dollywood, a theme park owned and operated by the famous country singer Dolly Parton.

When Trish and her son aren’t traveling out of state, they love to play putt putt golf together or watch as their new home is being built in Asheville. Trish says her amazing memory is one of her little known special talents, so see if you can test it the next time you see her! When asked what might surprise her coworkers about her, she replied that she is obsessed with baking! She loves to make homemade bread, so much so she even found herself selling the extra loaves. They became so popular though, she once had 365 orders in just one day! See if you can convince her to bake you one of her famous loaves of bread before they are all gone!

Interested in a Career at GWS Tool Group?

If you enjoy working with dedicated people like Trish, consider applying to GWS Tool Group. We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to work at our facilities in Florida, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Canada. Browse open jobs here.