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Engineering the Future of Healing:

GWS Tool Group’s Versatile Cutting Solutions for Bone Screws and Beyond

In the precision-driven world of bone screw production, every micron matters. GWS Tool Group stands at the intersection of innovation and reliability, providing cutting tools that shape the future of orthopedic care.

Our advanced tooling systems meticulously carve out bone screws designed for optimal integration and healing, proving essential not just in orthopedics but across diverse medical applications.

Beyond bone screws, our versatile tools are instrumental in crafting a range of medical devices, from delicate dental implants to robust surgical instruments. Our commitment to excellence ensures that healthcare professionals have the precision necessary to transform lives.

With GWS Tool Group, the medical industry has a partner in creating the tools that bring about healing and hope.

The medical industry requires precision machining of complex and often small components, which must adhere to stringent standards for cleanliness and accuracy. GWS Tool Group offers a range of cutting tools that are specifically designed to meet the needs of medical device manufacturing. Here are some of the key tools and their applications:

  • Carbide Drills:
    • GWS carbide drills are perfect for creating precise and clean holes in medical devices, especially in tough materials like titanium and stainless steel, commonly used for implants and surgical tools. These drills can also be used for micro-drilling applications where very small diameters are required.
  • Carbide End Mills:
    • These are critical for milling intricate features in medical parts such as orthopedic implants and dental fixtures. GWS provides end mills with specialized coatings and geometries that are designed to prevent material adhesion and ensure a high-quality surface finish, which is crucial for medical applications.
  • Micro Tools:
    • GWS offers a variety of micro tools, including micro end mills and micro drills, which are essential for producing small and intricate features in medical components. Our Hexalobe micro end mill (Series 2150) and micro drill (Series 4060) are used together for the production of medical bone screws and orthodontia screws. These tools also allow for high-precision machining necessary for miniature devices like stents or catheters.
  • Reamers:
    • To achieve precise internal diameters and finishes in medical device holes, GWS reamers provide the accuracy and finish needed for applications such as surgical instruments and orthopedic devices.
  • Thread Whirling Inserts:
    • GWS thread whirling inserts are designed for medical grade materials including titanium, cobalt-chrome, and stainless steel. Proprietary substrates and coating technology reduce costs via improved process times and extended life while maximizing precision.
  • Thread Mills:
    • Used for producing high-precision threads in medical devices, GWS thread mills are ideal for applications requiring impeccable thread geometry for components like bone screws and connectors.
  • Custom Tool Solutions:
    • Given the specific and often proprietary nature of medical devices, GWS Tool Group also offers custom tooling solutions designed to meet unique machining challenges presented by the medical industry. These custom tools are engineered to tackle unique materials and complex part geometries.
  • Engraving Tools:
    • For marking medical devices with necessary information such as serial numbers or patient codes, GWS provides high-precision engraving tools that can produce clear, readable markings without damaging the part.

These tools are designed to handle the stringent requirements of medical device manufacturing, ensuring that components are produced with the necessary precision, cleanliness, and quality.