Thread Whirling Inserts

This Manufacturing 101 discusses thread whirling inserts and how they work. Thread whirling is a machining process used to produce high-precision external threads on screws. They are commonly used in the production of aerospace, and medical components, such as bone screws. Definition: Thread whirling inserts are carbide inserted tools that are used in the thread […]

Employee Spotlight: Ronnie Jones

  Meet Ronnie Jones, our Machine Shop Lead at our GWS-TN facility in Nashville, TN. Ronnie’s journey is a remarkable testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for the cutting tool and machining industry, where he has spent nearly five decades honing his expertise. Ronnie’s connection to machining runs deep—it’s not just a profession; it’s […]

Streamlining Production How an American-Made Tool Holder and Boring Bar Saved Time and Money

A medical device manufacturer had a European supplier with long lead times and poor quality. GWS saved cycle time by replacing the tool holder and providing a new boring bar, resulting in $208,000 in savings![...]

The Benefits of Step Drills – Improving Drilling Efficiency

In today’s Manufacturing 101 post, we will discuss step drills and their benefits. Step drills are a type of cutting tool that features multiple-diameter steps in a single tool. They are commonly used to combine multiple hole-making operations. Definition: Step drills are cutting tools that feature multiple steps of increasing diameter. Each step is designed […]

Employee Spotlight: Stephanie Davis

  Meet Stephanie Davis, our Customer Service Lead at GWS-AZ, in Surprise, Arizona. Stephanie’s journey with us began back in 2014 when she joined the company, then known as Intrepid Tool, and she has been an integral part of our team ever since. Stephanie’s then-boyfriend, now husband, was working in the machine shop and heard […]

Maximizing Savings through Custom Solutions and Precision Tool Rebrazing

A large American motorcycle manufacturer was using a competitor's face mill to mill aluminum cast engine cases and saw their tool costs soar after seeing how expensive it was to constantly buy new inserts for the mill. GWS created a custom solution by reworking the current face mill used, that allowed for longer tool life.[...]

Custom Form Tools – What You Need To Know

In today’s Manufacturing 101 post, we will be discussing custom form tools and why they are important for many industries. Custom form tools are specially designed cutting tools that are used to create unique shapes or profiles in ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Definition: Custom form tools are cutting tools that are designed to perform specific […]

Employee Spotlight: Juana Arroyo

  Meet Juana Arroyo, one of our OD Grinders at our GWS-Batavia facility in Batavia, Illinois. Juana has been at GWS Tool Group facilities in Illinois since 2020. Juana has worked in cutting tool manufacturing for almost thirty years! In the beginning of her career, she worked for Sandvik for sixteen years. She worked in […]

GWS Silences the Competition

A supplier for the "Big Three" was having major tool chatter issues and bottleneck problems with their deburring process. The Alumigator™ saved the day with significantly reduced deburring![...]

From Waste to Savings: Reducing Tool Scrap Rates and Cutting Costs

Using a drill with short tool life, this US Auto Manufacturer was also facing high scrap rate and 14-week lead time. GWS came in to save the plant from shut-down, provide extended tool life, and lowered tool cost.[...]