PAC Reamer Series

UPGRADE your Traditional Chucking Reamer

PAC Reamer’s unique design prevents it from wandering via untrue holes. No longer do you need to qualify a drilled hole’s straightness to ensure proper straightness and position are achieved.

  • Coolant through design available for deep hole applications.
  • Replacement for chucking reamers
  • Straightens and locates true position of dowel pin-holes
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • Suggested speeds and feeds supplied
  • Suitable for both horizontal and vertical machining applications


The PAC-Reamer’s unique design prevents it from wandering. This eliminates the need to qualify a drilled hole’s straightness prior to reaming.
The conventional reaming process:
  • Drilling
  • Circular interpolating using an end mill
  • Reaming to finish size

The PAC-Reamer eliminates a step…

  • Simply drill .02/.03” undersize
  • Follow with PAC-Reamer and you’re done!

Designed to burnish while reaming, the PAC-Reamer achieves a mirror-like micro-finish!

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