The Alumigator ART3 Series

The Alumigator is a new series of the next generation high performance end mills that cuts through tough materials with ease.
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  • 3 Flute
  • This end mill is designed to ramp into pockets at speeds and ramp angles surpassing the current industry capabilities
  • Faster by 3 to 4 times than a traditional end mill
  • Strong core and highly engineered cutting edges, produces an extremely strong cutter
  • 45° ramp angle, so you can reach the bottom of the pocket
  • Faster material removal rates exceed traditional aluminum roughers
  • Available in sizes ranging from 3/16”-3/4”
  • Several radius size options come standard
  • Combination of geometries, produce a short curled chip that is evacuated quickly to help prevent double cutting chips and keeps the flutes from packing
  • There is an Alumigator end mill for every aluminum roughing application • Special corner radius size is available upon request
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