Ti-Feed – High Feed Mill for Titanium

Ideal for High Feed Rough & Finish Milling of Titanium, Nickel-Based Alloys & Stainless Steel

  • Solid & Coolant-Through
  • 5-7 Flute Design
  • Ultra-Fine Edge Preparation
  • Advanced HX Coating

Designed for high feed rough and finish milling of
Titanium Alloys and Nickel-Based Alloys.

Ideally suited for machining of turbine blades, reducing cycle times via faster metal removal rates and reduction of excessive finishing

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  • Non-Center cutting
  • Reduced neck and extended OAL for ultimate reach
  • Multi-layered HX coating for heat & wear resistance in High-Temp Alloys
  • Torus style radius for high-feed / high-efficiency milling
  • Cutting geometry designed specifically for Titanium machining
  • Available in solid & coolant-through

Product Offering

The 2052 Series – High Feed Mill | Non-Center Cutting | For Titanium
The 2053 Series – High Feed Mill | Non-Center Cutting | Coolant-Through | For Titanium
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