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Custom Thread Whirling Inserts

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GWS Tool Group is a leading manufacturer of thread whirling inserts. Our precise geometries, advanced substate, and coatings, along with FAST delivery and service are what separates us from the rest. We offer multiple grades and designs for any threading application.

Insert Grades

  • CG139-511—Standard High Performance Grade for Titanium
  • CG139-515—Standard High Performance Grade for SST, Biodur, Cobalt Chrome
  • CG138-521—Ultimate Performance ZOMBIE – Titanium, Cobalt-Chrome, Stainless

“You Just Can’t Kill the Zombie”

For high volume applications, where tool life is essential, the Zombie grade is a great benefit for our customers.  Our Zombie whirler name was coined by one of our own customers.  The Zombie outperformed other thread whirling inserts time and again, leading to the conclusion that “you just can’t kill the Zombie.”

Core ZOMBIE features:

  • Proprietary ultra-fine micrograin carbide
  • Advanced thin film coating for exceptional wear and heat resistance
  • Tailored geometry for reduced friction during threading

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GWS Service Delivery

  • First article samples shipped as fast as 48hrs* from receiving print. All we need is a part print and the pertinent information, and we will design the insert, send approval prints, and manufacture the inserts all within 1-2 days.
  • Production quantities delivered in 2 – 4 weeks
  • Designed & Produced in the USA
  • Single & double lead designs
  • Custom thread whirling cartridges available upon request

*  Fast delivery is for our “standard” sizes. Includes .330” [3.38mm] IC triangle whirling inserts and top notch style single point inserts (#2 or #3 )


  • MEDICAL—Titanium, Stainless and Cobalt-Chrome bone screws
  • Aerospace – Titanium and HRSA fasteners
  • General Engineering—external thread whirling applications