ECO 2 Flute HP Carbide Drill - Coolant Through

5D coolant-fed carbide drills for cast iron, steel, stainless and other ferrous materials

Tool Features

  • 2FL
  • Coolant Through
  • AlTiN
  • Reaming

ECO Drill | Series 4105 Overview

  • Coolant-fed design for extended tool life and metal removal rates
  • Point thinning prevents walking and need for spot drills
  • S-Point design reduces thrust force for increased drill penetration rates

Work Materials

  • P1: Steel (1018, 1050)
  • P2: Steel (4140, 8620)
  • K1: Cast Iron (Gray, CG)
  • K2: Cast Iron (Ductile, A536)
  • N1: Non-ferrous (6061, 7075)
  • N2: Non-ferrous (Si + 10%)

Product Offering

EDP#Dia. (IN)Dia. (MM)LOC (IN)LOC(MM)OAL (IN)OAL (MM)Shk. (IN)Shk (MM)Point AngleNeck Dia.DReRtLBSThicknessSizeThread SizeWidthGrade/CBFlutesEco Drill SizeDesignationGradeShapeEdge PrepIC(A)CoatingChip BreakerAngleRadiusStockList PriceAdd
427065(0.25) 1/4(1.25) 1-1/4(3.875) 3-7/8(0.25) 1/41402AlTiN140.00011$154.88Add to cart
42706973571031402AlTiN140.00012$169.65Add to cart
4270717.537.581061402AlTiN140.0004$181.61Add to cart
427075(0.3125) 5/16(1.5625) 1-9/16(4.3437) 4-11/32(0.3125) 5/161402AlTiN140.00010$235.26Add to cart
42707984081101402AlTiN140.0009$181.61Add to cart
427082945101181402AlTiN140.0000$287.3Add to cart
4270849.547.5101211402AlTiN140.0000$287.3Add to cart
427087(0.375) 3/8(1.875) 1-7/8(4.8125) 4-13/16(0.375) 3/81402AlTiN140.0009$278.54Add to cart
4270891050101251402AlTiN140.0002$287.3Add to cart
42709210.552.5121291402AlTiN140.0005$324.28Add to cart
42709311.557.5121361402AlTiN140.0003$324.28Add to cart
4270961260121401402AlTiN140.0003$324.28Add to cart
427097(0.5) 1/2(2.5) 2-1/2(5.75) 5-3/4(0.5) 1/21402AlTiN140.0008$361.02Add to cart
42710013.567.5141511402AlTiN140.0005$577.76Add to cart
4271041575151631402AlTiN140.0005$722.07Add to cart
42710715.577.5161661402AlTiN140.0005$722.07Add to cart
42710918.592.5201891402AlTiN140.0000$959.22Add to cart
4270512.512.53691402AlTiN140.0000$90.86Add to cart
4270554204801402AlTiN140.0002$118.73Add to cart
4270575255881402AlTiN140.00012$134.73Add to cart
4270605.527.56911402AlTiN140.0004$138.65Add to cart
4270646306951402AlTiN140.00026$138.65Add to cart
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