The GW Test Tool Program

So you want to test our tools?

We’ve got an easy way for you to do it…for FREE!

Our GW Tool Test program gets our incredible tools in the hands of people who want to try them out, for free. How we make it free? Simple! We just have a few tasks for you that will help us grow & improve our own business. You get the tools you want to try, and we get feedback & accolades.

Simply tracking your data and performing 2 of these tasks gets you into the program, and also into our circle of social media sharing, likes & follows.

Eligibility Statement: In order to apply for the the GW Tool Test program, you must agree to complete the tasks required. If you do not complete the tasks, that you will be charged for the price of the test tool. Your participation in this program will be determined by our engineers, and based on your machine capabilities, parts setup & tool holding.

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Track – Mandatory (You must track your data)
Track your data & share it with us. It’s that easy – using our simple Excel data form. We need to know what you think of our tools, and sharing your information can help us stay on top of our customer’s needs.

Once your data is tracked, you can choose two of the following 3 tasks.

  • Shoot
    Shoot a video and a few photos of our tools in action! Send them to us at, or upload here.
  • Connect
    Subscribe to us on youtube, like us on facebook, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s that easy! Share your tool’s experience and link to us, or just give us a shout-out and mention how great we are.
  • Comment
    Provide a review on your test tool. Tell us (in your own words) what you think, and we’ll post it on our “Testimonials” page, our blog, and just about everywhere.

Now the tough love – if at least 2 of these tasks and data tracking have not been completed no later than 30 days from the day you received your test tool, we’ll have to charge you the price of the tool. That’s fair, right?

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Not social media savvy? Talk with our marketing guru and we’ll get you set up.

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