Advanced Performance

Series BXCID

BXCID | Thredfloer | Carbide Insert | DIN

Carbide Inserted Forming Taps For Die Cast Aluminum


  • Embedded carbide thread sections
  • Designed for Diecast Aluminum
  • These have the torsional strength of a HSS tap body with the exceptional wear resistance of carbide in the areas where all the tapping work is done
  • DIN tap blank dimensions



Work Materials

Series Data

Part taps_thread_size pitch_classification taps_thread_limit taps_min_tap_drill_size taps_max_tap_drill_size taps_shank taps_square oal_in_display coating Stock
18599-010 M6 x 1.0 M D9 0.218 0.222 6mm 4.9mm 80mm Bright 7
18700-010 M8 x 1.25 M D10 0.292 0.297 8mm 6.2mm 90mm Bright 18
18881-000 M10 x 1.5 M D11 0.366 0.372 10mm 8mm 100mm Bright 26
19082-000 M12 x 1.75 M D12 0.439 0.446 9mm 7mm 110mm Bright 0

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