Custom Tools

Specialty cutting tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes; every application is different and GWS Tool Group is prepared to help you with your particular situation. The information required is basic and will enable us to design the best tool for your application. From the beginning, GWS Tool Group has specialized in custom design and we look forward to working with you in creating a unique tool that meets and often exceeds your expectations.

Minimum quantity order required on Specialty/Custom tools. Please call for more information. If possible, please provide us with a 3D solid model, CAD drawing, or sketch, including the profile you need to cut, and any additional information you have for your custom tool design.

Use our Custom Tool Request Form

Custom Endmills

Form tools, chamfer mills, corner rounding mills, counterbores, keyways, progressive form cutters and thread mills are just some of the many types of custom end mills we are capable of designing and producing for your application.

Custom Inserts

  • PCD Tipped Inserts – Non-ferrous material applications including intricate form tools
  • Custom & High-performance CBN Inserts – For hard turning, grooving & milling
  • Application Specific Carbide & Ceramic Inserts – Inserts for any application
  • Custom Shaped Inserts Designed For Your Application -Designed by our talented & experienced engineers

Custom Drills

GWS Tool Group has extensive expertise in drill design. With drills creating over 70% of the chips made within the metalworking industry, it’s vital to optimize the performance of these tools within your operation. Minimize your cost-per-cut by contacting Alliance today for all of your custom drilling applications.


GWS Tool Group is capable of producing tight tolerance reamers of all shapes and sizes. Send us your application and we will design a custom solution that will deliver increased performance and added cost savings to your operations.

Recess Tools

Capitalize on Alliance CNC’s consistent quality by sending us your recess tool applications. Our engineers will design the optimal solution, and our skilled operators governed by our proven quality department will reproduce that solution time and time again.Contact us to see the improvements Alliance can offer your operation.

Micro Tools

Utilizing Swiss technology and materials combined with our extensive expertise, GWS Tool Group produces Swiss precision micro tooling in the USA.

Some questions to consider when requesting your custom tools:

  • If possible, please provide us with a 3D solid model, CAD drawing, or sketch, including the profile you need to cut, and as much of the following information as you can.
  • What material are you cutting?
  • What are you doing with the tool? (Plunging / Ramping / Profiling / Pocketing / Slotting)
  • Let us know what is and is not critical. (What tolerances are required for critical dimensions?)
  • If it is an ongoing project, let us know what has and has not worked for you in the past.

Expected Delivery

  • Lightning Fast Custom Cell – Tools shipped in as little as 2 days. Contact us to learn more!
  • One (1) week or less Standard or modified standard end mills.
  • Modify existing stock (add flat, undercut, radius, etc).
  • Two (2) weeks or less Standard or modified standard end mills without material. Repeat special/custom with program and material.
  • Three (3) weeks or less Repeat specials with programs without material in stock.
  • Four (4) weeks or less Repeat specials requiring pre-form material not in stock.
  • Five to Six (5-6) weeks or less Special/custom requiring pre-form materials quote not in stock.

**Coating: Add coating only (3 day max)

How to Request Your Specials

Call 1-866-866-5497 or Email your drawings & ideas to, or

Use our Custom Tool Request Form