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Groover Full Nose

Any standard or specialized edge prep are available.

Other ceramic grades available upon request include: Silicone Nitride, Alumina TIC, Al203

All AlloyCat Tools sold in Packs of 10

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6003014125-Groover Full Nose----0.125-0.06341250.50.0630.125Sold in Packs of 10$33.98Call$339.80
6003046218-Groover Full Nose----0.218-0.10962180.750.1090.218Sold in Packs of 10$42.87Call$428.70
6003024156-Groover Full Nose----0.156-0.07841560.50.0780.156Sold in Packs of 10$32.60Call$326.00
6003056250-Groover Full Nose----0.25-0.12562500.750.1250.25Sold in Packs of 10$43.20Call$432.00
6003034187-Groover Full Nose----0.187-0.09441870.50.0940.187Sold in Packs of 10$31.87Call$318.70