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Negative Geometry Turning

All inserts sold in packs of 10.

Product Offering

SKUImageDescriptionGrade/Chip BreakerDesignationMaterialTurning TypeStockPriceAdd to Cart
126082CNMG 431 CG911-NCG911-NCNMG 431S10Titanium and HRSA S1080$110.65
126092CNMG 432 CG911-NCG911-NCNMG 432S10Titanium and HRSA S1040$110.65
126235DNMG 442 CG911-NCG911-NDNMG 442S10Titanium and HRSA S10Call$149.47
126304SNMG 432 CG911-NCG911-NSNMG 432S10Titanium and HRSA S1040$112.59
126367TNMG 332 CG911-NCG911-NTNMG 332S10Titanium and HRSA S1040$102.88
126449VNMG 332 CG911-NCG911-NVNMG 332S10Titanium and HRSA S1040$149.47
126083CNMG 431 CG912-NCG912-NCNMG 431S15Titanium and HRSA S10Call$110.65
126236DNMG 442 CG912-NCG912-NDNMG 442S15Titanium and HRSA S10Call$149.47
126368TNMG 332 CG912-NCG912-NTNMG 332S15Titanium and HRSA S1040$102.88
126486WNMG 432 CG911-NCG911-NWNMG 432S10Titanium and HRSA S1040$120.35
126450VNMG 332 CG912-NCG912-NVNMG 332S15Titanium and HRSA S1040$149.47
126093CNMG 432 CG912-NCG912-NCNMG 432S15Titanium and HRSA S1080$110.65
126487WNMG 432 CG912-NCG912-NWNMG 432S15Titanium and HRSA S1040$120.35
126305SNMG 432 CG912-NCG912-NSNMG 432S15Titanium and HRSA S1040$112.59