P – Steel – Heavy Steel P15



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Negative Geometry Turning

All inserts sold in packs of 10.

Product Offering

SKUImageDescriptionGrade/Chip BreakerDesignationMaterialTurning TypeStockPriceAdd to Cart
126503WNMX 432 CG92-FCG92-FWNMX 432P15Heavy Steel P15Call$126.18
126078CNMG 321EN CG92-HCG92-HCNMG 321P15Heavy Steel P15Call$91.24
126085CNMG 431EN CG92-HCG92-HCNMG 431P15Heavy Steel P15Call$110.65
126096CNMG 432EN CG92-HCG92-HCNMG 432P15Heavy Steel P1540$110.65
126146CNMX 431 CG92-FCG92-FCNMX 431P15Heavy Steel P15Call$116.47
126147CNMX 432 CG92-FCG92-FCNMX 432P15Heavy Steel P15Call$116.47
126211DNMG 331EN CG92-HCG92-HDNMG 331P15Heavy Steel P15Call$112.59
126231DNMG 441EN CG92-HCG92-HDNMG 441P15Heavy Steel P15Call$149.47
126239DNMG 442EN CG92-HCG92-HDNMG 442P15Heavy Steel P15Call$149.47
126255DNMM 442EN CG92-PCG92-PDNMM 442P15Heavy Steel P15Call$149.47
126258DNMM 443 CG92-QCG92-QDNMM 443P15Heavy Steel P15Call$149.47
126261DNMX 441 CG92-FCG92-FDNMX 441P15Heavy Steel P15Call$155.29
126262DNMX 442 CG92-FCG92-FDNMX 442P15Heavy Steel P15Call$155.29
126446VNMG 331EN CG92-HCG92-HVNMG 331P15Heavy Steel P1540$149.47
126473WNMG 331EN CG92-HCG92-HWNMG 331P15Heavy Steel P15Call$102.88
126481WNMG 431EN CG92-HCG92-HWNMG 431P15Heavy Steel P1540$120.35
126502WNMX 431 CG92-FCG92-FWNMX 431P15Heavy Steel P15Call$126.18