P – Steel – Heavy Steel P15


WNMG 431 CG92-H



Grade/Chip Breaker


Coolant Duct Type


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EDP#Dia. (IN)Dia. (MM)LOC (IN)LOC(MM)OAL (IN)OAL (MM)Shk. (IN)Shk (MM)Point AngleNeck Dia.DReRtLBSThicknessSizeThread SizeWidthGrade/CBFlutesEco Drill SizeDesignationGradeShapeEdge PrepIC(A)CoatingChip BreakerAngleRadiusStockList PriceAdd
126502CG92-FWNMX 431Bright0$14.74Add to cart
126503CG92-FWNMX 432Bright0$14.74Add to cart
126481CG92-HWNMG 431Bright20$14.12Add to cart
126473CG92-HWNMG 331Bright0$12.24Add to cart
126446CG92-HVNMG 331Bright40$17.27Add to cart
126255CG92-PDNMM 442Bright0$17.27Add to cart
126258CG92-QDNMM 443Bright0$17.27Add to cart
126261CG92-FDNMX 441Bright0$17.88Add to cart
126262CG92-FDNMX 442Bright0$17.88Add to cart
126231CG92-HDNMG 441Bright0$17.27Add to cart
126239CG92-HDNMG 442Bright0$17.27Add to cart
126211CG92-HDNMG 331Bright0$13.3Add to cart
126146CG92-FCNMX 431Bright0$13.71Add to cart
126147CG92-FCNMX 432Bright0$13.71Add to cart
126096CG92-HCNMG 432Bright40$13.09Add to cart
126078CG92-HCNMG 321Bright0$10.97Add to cart
126085CG92-HCNMG 431Bright20$13.09Add to cart