K – Cast Iron – K20


WNMG 433 CG99-M



Grade/Chip Breaker


Coolant Duct Type


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EDP#Dia. (IN)Dia. (MM)LOC (IN)LOC(MM)OAL (IN)OAL (MM)Shk. (IN)Shk (MM)Point AngleNeck Dia.DReRtLBSThicknessSizeThread SizeWidthGrade/CBFlutesEco Drill SizeDesignationGradeShapeEdge PrepIC(A)CoatingChip BreakerAngleRadiusStockList PriceAdd
126498CG99-DWNMG 433Bright20$14.12Add to cart
126494CG99-MWNMG 433Bright0$14.12Add to cart
126490CG99-DWNMG 432Bright0$14.12Add to cart
126484CG99-MWNMG 432Bright20$14.12Add to cart
126471CG99-NCBWNMA 432Bright20$14.12Add to cart
126371CG99-DTNMG 332Bright0$12.24Add to cart
126365CG99-MTNMG 332Bright0$12.24Add to cart
126377CG99-DTNMG 333Bright0$12.24Add to cart
126381CG99-DTNMG 432Bright20$17.68Add to cart
126340CG99-DTCMT 21.51Bright0$9.74Add to cart
126346CG99-DTCMT 21.52Bright0$9.74Add to cart
126351CG99-DTCMT 32.51Bright0$12.03Add to cart
126355CG99-DTCMT 32.52Bright40$12.03Add to cart
126361CG99-NCBTNMA 332Bright0$12.24Add to cart
126335CG99-DTCMT 1.81.51Bright0$9.74Add to cart
126307CG99-ISNMG 432Bright0$13.3Add to cart
126302CG99-MSNMG 432Bright20$13.3Add to cart
126284CG99-DSCMT 32.51Bright0$10.97Add to cart
126287CG99-DSCMT 32.52Bright0$10.97Add to cart
126294CG99-DSCMT 432Bright0$13.92Add to cart
126301CG99-NCBSNMA 432Bright0$13.3Add to cart
126240CG99-DDNMG 442Bright0$17.27Add to cart
126234CG99-MDNMG 442Bright0$17.27Add to cart
126248CG99-DDNMG 443Bright0$17.27Add to cart
126193CG99-DDCMT 32.52Bright20$11.42Add to cart
126183CG99-DDCMT 32.51Bright20$11.42Add to cart
126169CG99-DDCMT 21.51Bright0$9.3Add to cart
126113CG99-MCNMG 543Bright0$22.91Add to cart
126116CG99-MCNMG 643Bright0$29.37Add to cart
126098CG99-DCNMG 432Bright20$13.09Add to cart
126089CG99-MCNMG 432Bright0$13.09Add to cart
126106CG99-DCNMG 433Bright0$13.09Add to cart
126103CG99-MCNMG 433Bright0$13.09Add to cart
126111CG99-MCNMG 542Bright0$22.91Add to cart
126075CG99-NCBCNMA 432Bright10$13.09Add to cart
126076CG99-NCBCNMA 433Bright0$13.3Add to cart
126077CG99-NCBCNMA 434Bright0$13.3Add to cart
126048CG99-DCCMT 32.52Bright0$10.97Add to cart
126061CG99-DCCMT 432Bright0$13.92Add to cart
126038CG99-DCCMT 32.51Bright0$10.97Add to cart
126023CG99-DCCMT 21.51Bright0$9.3Add to cart