Performance - Ni End Mills

The Performance-Ni end mill was developed specifically for profiling and trochoidal milling of Nickel-alloys like Inconel 718. Low rake and helix angles provide rigidity while minimizing friction in the cut. A cost-effective solution to milling heat resistant super alloys.

  • Designed for conventional or high speed machining of heat resistant super alloys
  • Up to 12 flutes depending on the diameter
  • Custom options include additional lengths and corner radii

Work Materials

  • P3: Steel (17-4PH, 420)
  • M2: Stainless Steel (310, 316)
  • S1: High Temp (Inconel, Ni-based)
  • H1: Hardened Steel (44-53 HRC)
  • H2: Hardened Steel (54-60 HRC)

Product Lineup

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