Introducing the new Hurrimill™ AT4 all-terrain end mill, a 4-flute high performance solid carbide end mill for ferrous and non-ferrous applications.

This innovative new end mill is engineered for dynamic milling or conventional roughing, including slotting up to 2xD. Special radial end gashing enables drilling, steep ramping, and aggressive helical entry. The variable helix design with unequal indexing reduces vibration, while a double-eccentric margin creates smooth cutting action at high and low speeds. The Hurrimill™ AT4 all-terrain end mill utilizes our FX7 nano coating, which possesses extreme hardness and thermal stability in wet or dry environments for ultimate tool life. This end mill comes with our new ultra-fine carbide grade with increased TRS, ensuring the perfect blend of hardness and toughness for all of your application needs.

Whether its slotting, profiling, ramping, plunging, roughing, finishing or high speed milling, the Hurrimill™ AT4 all-terrain end mill is designed to traverse a wide range of materials in a wide range of machining environments. Contact GWS today to test out the next evolution in variable helix milling solutions!

Learn everything about the Hurrimill™ AT4 all-terrain end mill here. Contact us at to test one out today!