May 11, 2021 – Introducing the Alumigator™ ASR-5 end mill, a 5 flute high performance carbide end mill for high speed roughing in Aluminum available in both coolant-through and solid configurations.

This revolutionary new end mill boasts an unequal indexing configuration that reduces chatter for the optimized high efficiency milling of Aluminum Alloys. Designed and engineered from the Alumigator family of high performance aluminum mills, the 5 flute configuration with polished flutes can achieve metal removal rates in excess off 100 cubic inches per minute. Staggered roughing serrations and proprietary gashing geometry ensure small chip size to enable more aggressive feed rates and depths of cut.

Be it roughing, finishing, pocketing or profiling, the Alumigator™ Super Rougher (ASR-5) end mill for ultra high speed roughing is designed to devour aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous materials. Contact GWS today to get one and put it to the test!

Check out the Alumigator™ ASR-5 end mill in coolant-through or solid carbide. Contact us at to test one out today!