NPT Taper Pipe Thread Gaging

The national standard for NPT (National Pipe Taper) taper pipe threads is ASME B1.20.1, the current edition has a date of 2013. This standard contains product detail values and their calculation formulas as well as conformance requirements. It also contains gage design details used to evaluate only some of the conformance requirements. Yes, you read […]

GWS Coatings 101 – FX1: Tough, Heat Resistant, Long-lasting

Welcome back to our series on the different types of coatings we offer to make your cutting tools provide better performance. Cutting tool coatings are designed to improve wear properties via higher hardness, increased thermal stability and reduced coefficients of friction. In our first two posts, we discussed the properties and uses of AlTiN and […]

Customer Service Representative Carol Witkus Keeps Orders On The Right Track

Meet Carol Witkus, one of our Customer Service representatives at our GWS-Batavia facility, formerly known as Taurus Tool & Engineering. Since 2011, Carol has been working at the Batavia, IL location both entering and helping to expedite orders, invoicing, billing and always striving to go above and beyond for her customers. Time Tested Manufacturing Experience […]

Less Inserts Turn Into More Savings

Sometimes the ideal solution developed in a lab does not always translate to the best solution on the production floor. Such was the case with a large global medical device manufacturer and bone screw threading operation, but they just didn’t know it yet. GWS Application Specialist Audrea Triplett and National Key Account Manager Travis Coomer […]

GWS Coatings 101 – FX3: Strong, Stable, Durable

In our last post in this series, we introduced you to AlTiN, a great general purpose coating with a high aluminum content, which is used for machining steel, titanium alloys, Inconel, stainless, and cast iron in both wet and dry environments. In this article, we’re going to kick it up a notch with a coating […]

Employee Spotlight: David Park

Meet David Park, one of our Production Engineers at our GWS-Massachusetts facility. Since 2010, David has been working at the Springfield, MA location programming our CNC machines, troubleshooting problems and even training our operators.  From Printer To Machining Pro Although David wasn’t always a Production Engineer or working with state-of-the-art CNC grinding centers, you would […]

Sometimes Two Isn’t Better Than One

We all know time is money, and when competing in a global manufacturing landscape, this is especially true of U.S.-based manufacturers. That is why when GWS Application Specialist Rod Landrum was contacted by a southern based thermal management manufacturer, he was not surprised to find out they were looking to cut cycle times. Despite some […]

GWS Coatings 101 – AlTiN: For When Things Heat Up

Machining metal generates heat, and coatings are all about providing resistance to that heat while also providing some other tangible benefits as well. The make-up of the coating depends on the cutting application and the coating machine itself. Variables like work material, cutting fluid, cutting tool type and even part tolerances can all play roles […]

CNC Grinder Operator Adam Bieber Is A Rock Star During And After Work

Meet Adam Bieber, one of our CNC Grinder Operators at our GWS-Michigan facility. Since 2018, Adam has been working at the Grand Rapids, MI location operating our many CNC grinding machines while trying to absorb everything he can learn along the way.  Finding A Passion For Machine Tools Early On Adam’s high school in Byron […]

Autosports Accelerates with the New Alumigator™ ASR5

When Tony from Autosports Engineering ( in Longwood Florida had some aluminum alloy he needed to work on for an automotive part, he quickly noticed the competitor’s end mill he was using was just not meeting his expectations. He was pushing the tool hard and it just couldn’t live up to the standards he required […]