What is CFRP? Understanding Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer

In today’s Manufacturing 101 post, we will be discussing CFRP, which stands for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer. CFRP is a composite material that is widely used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and construction. Definition: CFRP is a composite material made up of carbon fibers and a polymer resin, usually epoxy. The carbon fibers provide […]

Employee Spotlight: Darren Peterson

  Meet Darren Peterson, one of our CNC Programmers at our GWS-California facility in Vista, California. Darren started at GWS in 2013 as a Chamfer Wheel Grinder. Darren’s journey begins with GWS Tool Group after moving from Las Vegas to Vista, California over ten years ago. Darren met someone who was working at what was […]

Unlock Efficiency and Savings: Custom Inserts at Your Service!

The customer was facing high changeover rate, high tool costs, and unsatisfactory results. GWS was able to create a custom insert that saved the customer $73,4800 annually and reduced insert needs by 48%.[...]

Aluminum Alloys Versus Aluminum Castings

In today’s Manufacturing 101 post, we will be discussing the differences between aluminum alloys and aluminum castings, and their different applications. Aluminum alloys and castings have their own advantages and disadvantages, including differing strengths, costs, and corrosion resistance. Aluminum Alloys Versus Aluminum Castings: Aluminum Alloys: First, let’s go over what exactly Aluminum alloys and Aluminum […]

Employee Spotlight: Sergio Maldonado

  Meet Sergio Maldonado, our Quality Control Inspector at our GWS-Welland facility in Welland, Ontario, Canada. Sergio first came to work at what was then known as Indexable Cutting Tools in 2000 as a surface grinder, working on brazing and honing on small machines. After a year, he moved to quality control. The story of […]

GWS Makes the Dream Work

The customer was experiencing extreme concentricity issues when drilling and reaming two components for their front and rear cabin assembly. They were facing long cycle times and extended production. GWS was able to reduce cycle time by 82% with 2 custom tools.[...]

The Benefits of Ni-Alloys in Aerospace

In today’s Manufacturing 101 post, we will be discussing the benefits of using Ni-alloys in the aerospace industry. Ni-alloys, or nickel-based alloys, are used extensively in the aerospace industry for their exceptional high strength and durability, corrosion resistance, reduced weight, and cost-effectiveness.  Benefits of Ni-Alloys in Aerospace: High Strength and Durability: Ni-alloys are known for […]

Employee Spotlight: Ian Fletcher

  Meet Ian Fletcher, one of our CNC Grinder/Programmers at our GWS-MI facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2015.  Ian first came to the manufacturing and machine-operating world by accident. He went to what he thought was a job interview at a local machine shop, but it turned out to actually be a 6-week training […]

Less Inserts Turn Into More Savings

A large global medical device manufacturer was facing long lead times, excessive production costs, and high scrap rates. GWS was able to provide a custom tooling solution that resulted in over $25,000 in cost savings.[...]

New Next Day or 2-Day Flat Shipping Rates

March 1, 2023 – Today is the start of our new Next Day and 2-Day flat shipping rates. Next day service shipping is now a flat $20 and our 2-day service is a flat $12. Please see rules and guidelines below and use promo code 1DAYSHIP OR 2DAYSHIP when placing your order. Rules/Guidelines: Tool(s) must […]