Meet Brad Walma, our Second Shift Leader at our GWS-MI facility in Grand Rapids, MI. Brad has been working at this location since 2013. He first heard about our Michigan facility from a friend of his who told him the shop was spotless and a great place to work, so he knew he had to check it out. He was previously a conveyor installer and automotive technician, so he was up for a challenge in a new industry. He started out as a CNC operator and has been constantly striving to learn more and find new ways of improving our cutting tool manufacture. His current responsibilities are CNC machine programming, running the machines, and leading the second shift at the facility. His past experiences of mechanical work with his hands and solving technical problems has proven beneficial to amplifying his ability to grow his technical knowledge base at GWS Tool Group. 

The thing he appreciates the most about working at the GWS-MI facility is the people he works with and for, especially his General Manager Fred Edmonson. Brad lights up when talking about Fred, mentioning that he is an amazing General Manager and is always willing to mentor him and make sure he continues learning every day. He also appreciates the freedom he has to communicate new ways of solving problems with Fred and having a flexible schedule that works for him and his family alike. 

One of his favorite experiences while working at GWS is when Fred brought him a letter from a customer that was incredibly impressed with one of the tools that Brad had made. From just one single tool, over 15,000 parts were able to be manufactured by the customer! The quality and workmanship that Brad made sure to apply to the tool allowed the customer to see for themselves that we always strive for the perfect cutting tool. 

Since being at GWS, he is most proud of being the Second Shift Leader, and having the opportunity to learn different roles and responsibilities. For Brad, GWS is a unique company to work for because of our focus on continued learning and mentorship of their employees. He sees daily why we always say that Custom Comes Standard, as he enjoys learning new machine programming and learning how to make the best custom tools we can offer. In addition to always learning something new, he also appreciates the great benefits and environment that make GWS a great place to work.

When Brad isn’t making sure our cutting tools are perfectly made, he spends his time with his wife and daughter Stella, who is now one and a half years old. They love to have fun as a family while snowmobiling, camping, pontooning, dirt biking, and anything else that keeps them enjoying the outdoors. His favorite travel spot is Cancun, Mexico where he and his family go every year! When asked what would surprise his coworkers about him, he answered that he once jumped out of an airplane because he found a buy one get one free skydiving deal that he couldn’t pass up!

Interested In A Career At GWS Tool Group?

If you enjoy working with dedicated people like Brad, consider applying to GWS Tool Group. We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to work at our facilities in Florida, California, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Canada. Browse open jobs here.

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