Meet Ronnie Jones, our Machine Shop Lead at our GWS-TN facility in Nashville, TN. Ronnie’s journey is a remarkable testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for the cutting tool and machining industry, where he has spent nearly five decades honing his expertise.

Ronnie’s connection to machining runs deep—it’s not just a profession; it’s a family legacy. From his early years, he lent a hand in his father’s shop after school, and later, he dedicated a decade of his life to his grandfather’s machining business. Afterward, he embarked on another decade-long journey at another tool company, initially as a manual machinist who harbored some reluctance toward CNC machines. However, he embraced change by learning to program CNC machines, guided by his grandfather’s wisdom: “get caught up or get left behind.”

Following his tenure there, he ventured into entrepreneurship, running his own tool-grinding business from his garage for ten years before returning to the tool industry. Along the way, he contributed his expertise to a job shop and served as the lead machinist for a racing team for seven years, further diversifying his experiences and expertise.

Ronnie’s journey eventually brought him to GWS Tool Group, which was under the ownership of Peterson Tool Company at the time, thanks to a glowing recommendation from a former colleague. He visited the company, met the team, toured the shop, and left with a job offer on the same day! His familiarity with programming software allowed him to seamlessly transition into his new role, requiring only three days of training.

Although he initially started as a CNC Machinist running the milling center, Ronnie’s versatility and dedication propelled him to become a CNC Machinist/Programmer, Lead Programmer, and eventually, the Machine Lead. In his current role, he manages programming for the milling centers, ensuring they stay current and adapting them as necessary for new orders. Ronnie’s overarching goal is to reduce cycle times, and he tirelessly works on streamlining all processes outlined in the routers.

In addition to his technical responsibilities, Ronnie plays a crucial role in supervising fellow machinists and programmers. He draws inspiration from his peers, who share his passion for learning and tackling challenges head-on. Collaborating with his programming colleagues to create programs from scratch and deliver exceptional tools is a driving force behind Ronnie’s job satisfaction.

Beyond the technical aspects, what truly resonates with Ronnie is the sense of family and culture at GWS-TN. During a tough period in his life, his coworkers and supervisors stood by him, providing support when he needed it most. While GWS Tool Group is a sizable corporation, unlike any Ronnie has worked at before, he appreciates the benefits of being part of a larger entity. He emphasizes that the industry-leading benefits, and a proactive executive leadership team make GWS Tool Group an outstanding workplace, where everyone is empowered to achieve their goals.

Life Outside GWS

Beyond his work at GWS Tool Group, Ronnie’s family is at the center of his life. His wife, three daughters, and three grandchildren hold a special place in his heart. They cherish their annual family vacations to Navarre Beach, Florida, and are known for embarking on spontaneous adventures across Tennessee. One shared family passion is kayaking, and they eagerly explore new destinations whenever they can, even bringing their kayaks on their last family vacation to Perdido Key, Florida.

When he’s not crafting tools, kayaking, or spending quality time with his loved ones, you might just find Ronnie at a bluegrass performance! He’s been sharing his musical talents since he was just 10 years old, proficient in playing the bass, acoustic guitar, banjos, and drums. Currently, he serves as the bassist in his church worship band, a role he’s held for the past nine years. Additionally, he’s an integral part of a bluegrass band with his father, performing at various festivals and parties, showcasing his musical versatility and passion.

Interested In A Career At GWS Tool Group?

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