Meet Darren Peterson, one of our CNC Programmers at our GWS-California facility in Vista, California. Darren started at GWS in 2013 as a Chamfer Wheel Grinder.

Darren’s journey begins with GWS Tool Group after moving from Las Vegas to Vista, California over ten years ago. Darren met someone who was working at what was then known as Monster Tools. He recommended Darren to apply, and Darren got the job! When he first started, he had a special interest in CNC machines, wanting to learn everything he could about them throughout the shop. While he was a Chamfer Grinder and machine loader, management noticed his interest in all things concerning machines and tools, and Darren was moved to the Inspection Department. Here, Darren made sure that all the machines were running smoothly, troubleshooting any issues, and ensuring the high quality of the tools being produced.

Darren says moving to the inspection department was when his interest in CNC machines really peaked. He was able to learn more about CNC machines and the many processes they use to manufacture cutting tools. Fast forward to today, and Darren is now a CNC Programmer, overseeing eight machines and hundreds of tools being manufactured. One of the most challenging parts of having so many machines is trying to keep all of them running consistently. With the help of an inspector, Darren is able to monitor the process and ensure it goes smoothly, correcting any issues as they occur on the fly. His favorite jobs are working on any of the custom tools that come his way. Darren loves figuring out how to best replicate the tool blueprint, then programming something he’s never made before.

Darren says the mentorship from Brandon Anderson, the Director of Manufacturing at GWS-CA, has been critical to his growth and helped his success at work. Darren feels like he grew up at this facility, starting there in his early 20s, and now being in his 30s. Darren has seen a lot of growth through his 10 years at the facility and is excited about the future now that he is a part of GWS Tool Group. He says that there are so many opportunities at GWS, whether it’s being able to relocate to a new location, or growing his career at his facility. Darren is always looking for ways to improve the tool-making process, ensuring only the highest quality cutting tools are manufactured.

Life Outside GWS

Like any good Californian, Darren loves to surf and get out to the beach every weekend in the summer! His favorite place to go is Trestles Beach in San Clemente, a famous beach known for its great surfing.

Darren has a 6-year-old daughter, Skylar, who loves to join her dad in surfing, swimming, or hanging out on the beach! She’s just like her dad, keeping especially busy with activities such as riding horses on the sprawling ranch she lives on.

Darren’s need to enjoy the weather isn’t just tied to surfing, he enjoys anything that will get him and his family outdoors. Darren, his partner Mikayla and his daughter Skylar head to the Ocotillo Wells desert area often, going off-roading in his truck. They also love to visit Big Bear Mountain to go snowboarding or camping – depending on the season!

Interested In A Career At GWS Tool Group?

If you enjoy working with dedicated people like Darren, consider applying to GWS Tool Group. We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to work at our facilities in Florida, California, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Canada. Browse open jobs here.