Meet Bridget, our Customer Service Department Manager – Threading Products, at our GWS-Beloit location in South Beloit, Illinois. Bridget first joined the cutting tool industry when she was a teenager and has been with GWS Tool Group since 2016, when it was then known as North American Tool.

When Bridget first entered manufacturing at 19 years old, she was just looking for a job that matched her interests. Over the years, Bridget has developed a love for the industry and working with customers. Prior to joining GWS, she worked in the Customer Service department at her previous employer, moving to a supervisory position. But when she needed a job closer to home and her daycare for her children, she eventually found that the then North American Tool Company was hiring. So began her journey that would lead her to her current role at GWS Tool Group in Beloit, Illinois. Bridget is a vital part of our customer service team at GWS and is always willing to help with tasks and puts the needs of the customer first.

Bridget is no stranger to going above and beyond for her customers, she recalls that there was a time that a customer was unable to get their tools expedited but desperately needed them. Bridget was able to make everything align for the customer with the production of the tools they needed, and was successfully able to get the tools out for them on time! Her customer was so grateful that even to this day they still request her personal help! 

She enjoys finding solutions to her customer’s problems and then sharing her knowledge with her department. She has had some great mentors that helped her along the way, and now Bridget tries to mentor those around her now, paying it forward so in time those new team members can do the same someday. Something that Bridget really appreciates about her role at GWS is that the company is very driven in how it puts its customer’s needs first and foremost in how they do business every day. They are customer service driven, maintaining and often exceeding the high quality standards that our customers require of us for each cutting tool we manufacture.

Life Outside GWS

As if Bridget doesn’t have enough on her plate with going above and beyond at work and taking care of her family, she has been bartending for the past 12 years! She enjoys bartending, and thoroughly enjoys the interactions she gets to have and always has fun with it. Above all though, she loves being outside. From relaxing walks, going on hikes, or rollerblading, she is always looking to be outdoors – especially with her furry friend, her husky Zeus! She also is an avid fan of baseball and Taekwondo, having practiced the latter for 10 years.

Family and friends play a big role in Bridget’s life outside of work. Her 17 year old son always keeps her busy with his own baseball schedule, and she has a close group of friends from high school still – who all moved apart at first and then came back. Bridget also appreciates authentic Mexican food. She has high standards for the food when she goes out though, since her grandfather, who was Mexican, always made her favorite dishes so she is tough to impress! Her family has shaped her in many ways, her mother and grandmother taught her how to knit. Bridget is also known to be quite musical, playing guitar for many years, and learning from her father. Whether it’s one of her acoustic or electric guitars. So the next time you see her, ask her to rock out her favorite song!

Interested In A Career At GWS Tool Group?

If you enjoy working with dedicated people like Bridget, consider applying to GWS Tool Group. We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to work at our facilities in Florida, California, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Canada. Browse open jobs here.