Meet Adan Gutierrez, our CNC Setup at our GWS-CA facility in Vista, California, where he has been an integral part of the team since 2012.

Adan’s journey with us began when he first started working in the maintenance department at the facility in 2012. His trajectory took a turn when a friend informed him about an opening for a grinder position there and he quickly became interested. Starting as a Centerless Grinder, he played a crucial role in the initial stages of tool manufacturing by grinding tool blanks.

Over the years, Adan has embraced various responsibilities and evolved within the company. Transitioning from tool grinding, he took on the role of loading machines, overseeing five to ten machines simultaneously. In this role, he ensured the efficient loading of proper tools into designated machines, minimizing downtime. After five years in this role, Adan joined the quality control team for a two-year stint. Recognizing his ambition for further career growth, he pursued a CNC Programmer course at a local community college. Upon completion, Adan graduated as a CNC Programmer and made a significant move to the CNC Programming department at GWS.

Adan reflects on his journey with gratitude, acknowledging the opportunity to progress from a starting point with no manufacturing experience to becoming a CNC Programmer. In his current role, Adan helps with the day-to-day operations by prioritizing tool placement in machines, creating new programs, and optimizing productivity. He also tackles challenges that arise during the day, including machine stoppages, tool issues, and refining tool paths based on quality control feedback.

One aspect Adan values in his job is the creative freedom it provides. As he and the programming team strategize the best approaches to building tools, it’s like solving a puzzle – finding the missing piece and revealing the complete picture at the end. There is motivation to see the finished product, especially with custom tooling that meets the precise requirements of customers. Being able to provide the customer with the exact tool they requested is a point of pride for him. Adan emphasizes the collaborative nature of the work, recognizing the importance of teamwork in creating the perfect cutting tool. He takes pride in being part of such a strong team at GWS-CA, with his team regularly complimented on their teamwork and closeness. Adan Gutierrez is not just a CNC Programmer; he’s a testament to the growth and success achievable within the GWS Tool Group organization.

Life Outside GWS

Beyond the world of tools and machining, Adan enjoys outdoor activities. Whether it’s camping, mountain biking, off-roading, or cruising on his motorcycle, he thrives in the fresh air and open spaces. One of his preferred camping spots is the picturesque Pete’s Camp in Baja, Mexico, where he enjoys the tranquility of nature.

Adan’s practical skills extend beyond the workshop. Outside of work, he takes on the role of a handyman, staying busy fixing both his and his girlfriend’s cars. He prefers to tackle mechanical challenges himself, avoiding the mechanic’s shop whenever possible.

Family holds a special role in Adan’s life. With cousins residing in California and his girlfriend’s family in the valley, he makes sure to spend time with them all. His family is originally from Mexico, where he still visits relatives in Oaxaca and Baja. While his mother splits her time between California and Mexico, Adan has more flexibility to visit. When not spending time with family in Mexico, Adan loves to relax in Cabo by relaxing on the peaceful beaches without a care.

Interested In A Career At GWS Tool Group?

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