Meet Adam Bieber, one of our CNC Grinder Operators at our GWS-Michigan facility. Since 2018, Adam has been working at the Grand Rapids, MI location operating our many CNC grinding machines while trying to absorb everything he can learn along the way. 

Finding A Passion For Machine Tools Early On

Adam’s high school in Byron Center, Michigan wasn’t your typical school with few options to engage students in the trades. This high school had a full tool die shop! Adam had access to mills, drill presses and even wood shop lathes. He grew to love working with machines but still didn’t know what to do with this knowledge after he graduated. 

Soon after he finished high school, he heard from a friend that GWS Tool Group was hiring and he immediately became interested. Come to find out, Adam had played football with the nephew of our Regional Sales Manager of the Northeast, John Kiiffner. So he took it upon himself to check out if GWS Tool Group was the place for him. He took a tour of the GWS-MI shop and met everyone there. “I couldn’t get over how clean it was,” Adam said. “Everyone was so welcoming, the decision to work at GWS was an easy one!”

Shredding Metal

When asked what he likes most about being at GWS Tool Group, Adam quickly mentions that having pride in his work and learning from the people around him is what keeps him going every day. He says that “I just love that when it comes to our cutting tools, we start from scratch and eventually end up with a finished product. It’s a great feeling knowing you made something with your hands.” He is most proud of working for an essential business, and fondly remembers of how he was able to work on ventilator tools for healthcare in the past year. The customer feedback he received described that the quick turnaround on parts made all the difference. 

Speaking of also making a difference to Adam, he says that in the three years he has been at GWS, he has learned so much on the floor with the help of the best trainers GWS-MI has, Ryan and Brad. Whether it be learning new CNC software or looking to code on our new Hurco machine, he likes that he gets to work on standard and custom cutting tools alike. When he isn’t programming CNC machines, grinding, finishing, or inspecting the many cutting tools he works on daily, Adam loves to rock out on his electric guitar. With Harley by his side, his German Shepherd, he practices his musical chops and continues to get better with every day.

Turning A Wrench And Pumping Iron

Outside of work, Adam loves to still work with his hands and is currently working on two car projects! His first project is restoring a 1960 Jeep Willy, but his favorite project is the restoration of a 1972 Chevy Pickup. You can see below that Harley keeps an eye on Adam when he works on the truck, maybe the next K9 training session should include bringing him tools! 

This Michigan native also loves the outdoors and would love to visit Montana or Alaska some day. For now, he keeps his travels local and stays outside, even helping his carpenter dad to raise a pole barn. Don’t worry about Adam not being strong enough to help raise the building though, this all-state high school weight lifting champion is up for the challenge!

Interested in a Career at GWS Tool Group?

If you enjoy working with dedicated people like Adam, consider applying to GWS Tool Group. We are always looking for talented and driven individuals to work at our facilities in Florida, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina and Massachusetts. Browse open jobs here.