Alpha End Mills

These Advanced Performance end mills all have a sub-micron grade substrate for wear resistance, raised land construction for rigidity, and a eccentric relief to reduce cutting friction.

  • Alpha cutting tools are variable helix end mills for carbon and alloy steels
  • Alpha4, Alpha5 and Alpha6 series are available within the Alpha family of products
  • Series options include a reduced neck, with new square end sizes available.

Work Materials

  • P1: Steel (1018, 1050)
  • P2: Steel (4140, 8620)
  • P3: Steel (17-4PH, 420)
  • M1: Stainless Steel (302, 304)
  • M2: Stainless Steel (310, 316)
  • K1: Cast Iron (Gray, CG)
  • K2: Cast Iron (Ductile, A536)
  • H1: Hardened Steel (44-53 HRC)

Product Lineup