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Manufacturing 101

Burrs: What Are They and How Are They Used?

In this white paper, we delve into the world of burrs—exploring their properties, applications, and critical role in manufacturing and…

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Amber Martin

Meet Amber Martin, our Chief Administrator in Accounting, based out of our GWS-Florida facility in Tavares, FL. Amber has been…

Case Study

Medical Bone Screws Produced 60% Faster With $133k In Savings!

A large medical device manufacturer was facing long cycle times - 8 minutes per cycle! In order to create this…

Manufacturing 101

CBN Inserts: What Are They and How Are They Used?

Welcome to another Manufacturing 101. We will be discussing CBN inserts, also known as cubic boron nitride inserts. We will…

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Ivan Christopherson

Meet Ivan Christopherson, our Quality Inspector and longest serving employee at GWS-WI, North Lake. Ivan has been at this facility…

Case Study

From Three to One: GWS Custom Insert Cuts Costs by $142k and Triples Efficiency

A large automotive supplier was using 3 separate standard ISO inserts to complete a 3-sided part geometry on a 1018…

Manufacturing 101

What are Whiskered Ceramic Inserts?

Welcome back to another GWS Manufacturing 101! This will be covering whiskered ceramic inserts, also known as whisker-reinforced ceramic inserts.…

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Mark Dalhover

Meet Mark Dalhover, our Operations Manager at GWS-CA in Vista, California. Mark has been in the manufacturing world for 48…

Case Study

GWS Revolutionizes Manufacturing: From 4 Inserts into 1, Cutting Cycle Time by 86%!

Our customer was using four separate ISO standard inserts, to make a singular part. This resulted in a lengthy cycle…

Manufacturing 101

What is PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) and Where is it Used?

Welcome back to another GWS Tool Group Manufacturing 101! Today we are covering PCD, which stands for Polycrystalline Diamond. PCD…

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